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1804 Anna Payne Cutts by Gilbert Stuart
1805 Eleanor "Nelly" Parke Custis by Gilbert Stuart
1805 Moses and the Serpent by Washington Allston;id=CD6269B3-F932-4BAB-B36D-992935521142;type=101
President John Adams by William Winstanley
1807 The Westwood Children by Joshua Johnson
Young Couple in a Landscape by Eunice Penney
1811 Mourning Picture by Sally Miller
Action between USS Constitution and HMS Guerriere, 19 August 1812
1813 Commodore Perry Leaving the "Lawrence" for the "Niagara: at the Battle of Lake Erie by Thomas Birch
1886 US Brig Niagara in the Battle of Lake Erie in the War of 1812 by Julian O. Davidson
Andrew Jackson by Ralph Eleaser Whiteside Earl
1817 Packet Ship UNITED STATES by Robert Salmon
1820 Niagara Falls from Goat Island Looking toward Prospect Point by Charles Fraser
1822 Self Portrait Charles Willson Peale
1822 James Fenimore Cooper by John Wesley Jarvis
1824 Fruit Still Life with Chinese Export Basket by James Peale
Painted Birds by John James Audubon
1825 A Life Study of the Marquis de Lafayette by Thomas Sully
1826 Michael Angelo and Emma Clara Peale by Rembrandt Peale
1828 Saul and the Witch of Endor by William Sidney Mount
1830 Trade and Commerce quilt by Hannah S. Stokes
Theodosia Burr Alston by John Vanderlyn according to theory
1831 An Incident of the Revolution by Jocob Eichholtz
1832 A village of the Hidatsa tribe at Knife River by George Catlin
1832 La-dóo-ke-a, Buffalo Bull, a Grand Pawnee Warrior by George Catlin
~1833 Long Island Farmer Husking Corn by William Sidney Mount
1833 Landscape with Herd of Buffalo on the Upper Missouri by Karl Bodmer
1834 James Buchanan by Jacob Eichholtz
~1835 Portrait of a Woman by Ammi Phillips
1835 Black Dan Portrait (Daniel Webster) by Francis Alexander
1836 The Oxbow by Thomas Cole
1836 Saint John's Church by J. C. Bridgewood
1837 Nesouaquoit (Bear in the Fork of a Tree), A Fox Chief by Charles Bird King
1838 Portrait of a Woman Said to Be Clarissa Gallond Cook, in Front of a Cityscape by Erastus Salisbury Field
1839 On the Susquehanna by Joshua Shaw
1841 The Author Painting a Chief at the base of the Rocky Mountains by George Catlin
1845 The Reverend John Atwood and His Family by Henry F. Darby
1846 Noah's Arc by Edward Hicks
1846 Daniel Webster by George Peter Alexander Healy
1847 Raftsmen Playing Cards by George Caleb Bingham
1848 The Buffalo Dance by George Catlin
1849 George Catlin by William Fisk
1850 Washington Crossing the Delaware by Emanuel Leutze
1850 Stephen Foster maybe by Thomas Hicks
Geese in Flight by Leila Bowman
1851 Ship SAMUEL LAWRENCE Picking up a Boston Pilot by F. H. Lane
1851 FORT LARAMIE by Alfred Jacob Miller
1853 Charlotte Cushman by William Page
1853 The Herald in the Country by William Sidney Mount
1855 Winfield Scott by Robert Walter Weir
1858 The Sketcher (Mlle Rosina) by Daniel Huntington
1861 Self Portrait of Mathew Brady
1861 General Pierre G. T. Beauregard by Thomas Cantrell Healy
1861 Pastoral Landscape by Asher B. Durand
1862 Lake George by Martin Johnson Heade
1863 The Battle of Gettysburg by Currier and Ives,_by_Currier_and_Ives.png
1864 Croquet by Winslow Homer
1864 Caprice in Purple and Gold: The Golden Screen by James McNeil Whistler
1864 Martin Van Buren by George P. A. Healy
1865 Interior with Portraits by Thomas Le Clear
Joseph Eggleston Johnston by Benjamin Franklin Reinhart
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